Asa Shutts : Photographer | About

There are few things in life that excite me as much as an old photograph.  I used to sit for hours in my grandfather's basement looking through his many drawers at the black and white photographs he captured from his life, and printed in his darkroom.  The feeling of the paper, the stories they told, of a time when my mother was young and life moved a bit slower.  Photography can do that, make time move a bit slower.  It's like smelling the flowers, you have to stop and take it in.  

I am driven to photograph the moments between the poses, when the truth breaks through the facade. How the lines of a face tell the story of that life, like the rings in a tree, no two the same.  Lifestyle photography is my passion, whether you are getting married, having a baby, or just want to remember a Sunday afternoon spent with family, I want to be there.